Here at AKS Disabled Adaptation Specialists we provide a range of services under one roof to suit our clients’ needs, from building work to plastering, building warrents and planning permission.

AKS Disabled Adaptation Specialists provide the following services:

General Work
Plumbing Work
Joinery Work
Plastering Work
Electrical Work
Tiling Work
Painting and Decorating
Floor Laying including all types of Saftey Floors

Disabled Adaptations
AKS Building Contractors are specialists in Disabled Adaptations for your home. We provide the following Disabled Adaptation Services:

Handrails, Metal and Timber
Wet Floor Areas
Shower Trays with Level Access
Shower over Baths and
Concrete Ramps

Slab Laying
Concrete Work

AKS Disabled Adaptation Specialists offer an all trade service, providing a range of other trades at your request.

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AKS Disabled Adaptation Specialists welcomes personal, corporate and insurance work.